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What do we mean to create your PACE?

We support you to adapt your personal PACE in life to solve your challenges and take your opportunities?






You create a score to pinpoint the focus area for creating ease & energy in your PACE toward your biggest goal.

Consider your satisfaction level from 1 (low) to 20 (awesome) in each “Rock” of your Everyday.

We work with you to discover options to create new ways to approach the elements of your life which are feeling either stuck or you are finding difficult:

  • Money – Wealth, income, debt, feeling of direction and comfort
  • Vitality– Working with personal well-being and habit change to prioritise/ingrain the desired energy and outcomes
  • Connections – Create the relationships you want
  • Role – Attain the outcomes and action to propel your most desired role
  • Inspiration – Use inspiration to keep momentum to your purpose/direction


Often we find clients are talking themselves into confusion around what they really want and their direction (Horizon).

We can help explore some of the reasons holding them back and the path forward becomes very clear.


We use our PACE steps to make the next steps full of ease and energy:

  1. Patience

  2. Action

  3. Creativity

  4. Energy

Want to create a PACE so Everyday doesn’t feel so hard?


You can feel satisfied, motivated and energetic in your future actions.

With the WAVE you will increase your confidence, curiosity, empathy and self-awareness which all make your personal growth permanent and sustainable for all your future plans.

Coaching gives you the opportunity to turbo your Everyday with the support of someone else who is going to support your most desired outcomes.

This client summed up her own experience of coaching that we think nailed it!

“I know now why a coach is so much more potent than chatting to a friend.  My friends will listen to me moan, empathise, agree with me or tell me what I should do.  That doesn’t change how I feel about acting.

A coach gives a container to create the way I want to think, feel and act. Sometimes it is hard work, but feels like freedom.”

How would you like to experience this freedom which comes from your willingness to invest in your own ease?


The PACE Value %


Take the PACE value assessment by clicking the picture below:


Create PACE Ease and Energy


Or if you are ready right now book a FREE consult with Sarah or Christine below:


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