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The Everyday

Why do we care about your Everyday? We believe that we can all create an everyday we deserve.  It doesn’t matter where we start or our situation – we can evolve ourselves to have a better everyday.


Our context and perceptions are related to are Money, well-being (Vitality), Connections, Roles and Inspiration.  When our PACE is right, we experience satisfaction in our approach & progress across our context.  We feel that Everyday is going well and that we are not in a RACE!


Clients who do the work to align the context in their Everyday change their approach.  They get results in the context around them at the PACE that works for them:


  • Money – wealth, income, debt, feeling of direction and comfort
  • Well-being (Vitality)– working with personal well-being and habit change to ingrain the desired energy and outcomes.
  • Connections – Create the relationships we want
  • Roles– Attain the outcomes and action to propel forward
  • Inspiration – Use inspiration to keep momentum to attain our purpose


What if our PACE is not right?

If our lives are overfilled or underfilled we might experience::

  • Underachieving because we doubt ourselves and are unwilling to fail
  • Serious health issues due to stress.
  • Feeling insecure about our financial well-being.
  • Racing on a treadmill never gives us time.
  • Feel unsure in our relationship decisions
  • Feel like life is passing by, and we are not satisfied.


The PACE Steps:

The steps in working with clients include insights and new options in the following:


  1. PATIENCE – Tenacity and willingness to work each aspect of our context and thinking
  2. ACTION – The steps required to progress in any or all rocks
  3. CREATE – New collaborations, skills, external resources  used to journey toward PACE improvement
  4. ENERGY – The key to support the required power to sustain the PACE desired


Book a free consult to explore what your Everyday could feel like… right now.


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