Create PACE Ease and Energy

Assess your Vitality –  thriving or surviving Everyday?


The PACE of your everyday gives you Vitality (EASE and ENERGY) that we can break down into foundational rocks:

  • Vitality – mental and physical wellbeing
  • Connections – those that you value in your life
  • Money – your comfort with Money in your life
  • Role – where you put your time and effort
  • Inspiration – your inspiration in life, whatever that might be


You can improve your level of vitality and hence your WAVE (Wisdom and Vitality Everyday).


Calculate your WaVE Value:

Complete our calculator below to discover your everyday WaVE value.   Rate your Satisfaction from Low (1) to Awesome (20).  Consider the satisfaction both in terms of the level of energy/ease given to you or taken from you by the five foundational rocks.


Once you have calculated your PACE Value, put in your details below, and we will send suggestions along with a PACE journal to support your future actions.



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