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Sarah Linton
Professional & Personal Coach

Sarah Linton
Professional & Personal Coach

Money Story


What has come up for you as you have thought about Money Story?
Not how MUCH you have – but how you feel about it.

Last week we referenced some Money music to muse over with as you navigate your Money Mystery that can transform into your Treasure.

The freedom within your story is a) to be honest with yourself & b) get a better understanding of the story you are telling yourself.

Your experiences will define the way you think, the way you speak and the way you attract money.

Money is 80% behaviour, 20% head knowledge.
It’s what you do, not what you know.

– Dave Ramey

2 x FOUNDATIONS STEPS to familiarise yourself with your Money Story


YOU WILL NEED A pad of paper, a pen,  an open mind & 15 mins to reflect.

OUTCOME A framework foundation to get comfortable & start to update your relationship to $£$£$£

This creates the framework for how you spend, invest, and approach your finances.


STEP #1: Write your story for YOU.
STEP #2: Be a detective and notice YOUR patterns.

Money is multiplied in practical value depending on the number of W’s you control in your life:

What you do, When you do it, where you do it, and with Whom you do it.”

– Tim Ferriss

2 STEP #1: Writing your MONEY Story


1) How were you taught about $$£?

When you reflect on how you were taught about money…


Which thoughts or feelings are present?

Perhaps Embarrassment? Shame? Guilt? Uncomfortable…Anything else?


How did those immediately around you refer to money?

Did you repeatedly hear:

  • “Money does not grow on trees.”
  • “Our family does not talk about $£$£$£$£$’s.“
  • “You have to work hard (strive) to get anywhere.”
  • “It’s a dog eat dog world out there.”
  • “Success = paying off your mortgage.”
  • “We can’t afford that.”

If this is resonating with you, it will serve you well to dig deeper. It will support you in getting to your why you feel this way.

Perhaps you are feeling awkward thinking about $£$£$.

Get curious around the topic. Might it be familial? ….cultural? ….as a result of past experiences or trauma?

Have you made up a story to yourself that it’s poor etiquette to talk about $£$£$?

Perhaps a past negative dialogue that someone made you feel shameful about it?

I’d never really thought about it before, but now you ask I can see that how my parents handled money definitely affected my relationship with it.

– Sophie Ellis-Bextor

2) How you talk about it, will determine your Money Mindset?


Note to self: Money is my friend.

If you give Money a place to live & respect it, you will create opportunities with $£$£$.


Foe: If you don’t want £$’s, then keep talking about how your dislike it poor you are with it when you have it, you want to spend it,  how confusing & stressful it is.
Don’t spend time with it and avoid taking responsibility for it.


Friend: If you want £$’s, then make friends with it – stop resisting the urge to want it, yet not accept it as treasure!
That’s like inviting a friend over for a cuppa – then making her stay in outside.


Treat it like your bestie.

Invite it in and over for coffee. Embrace it. Learn about it. Talk about it.

The more barriers you can break down, the more financial freedom you will create.


3) Notice your money patterns, habits, fears and anxieties.

STEP # 2: Be a DETECTIVE around your beliefs.


Look for clues in your story to see if they give you an indication of how your experiences have influenced your current relationship with your loot/cash/stash.

Which of your beliefs around money serve you well TODAY?

Which of your beliefs constrict you or limit you TODAY?


WRITE it DOWN. What do you notice? Is there a link between your story & your approach?
What needs updating? What would you like to be different?

If you are telling yourself that you don’t deserve or “aren’t good with money, try flipping your script and ask smart questions to open yourself up to learn more.

Start speaking clearly and calmly about your finances, and take the emotion out of it.



During July, we explore tips and tricks on how to RESET, DECIDE so you can ACT around your relationship with MONEY.

We love to hear from our community! Leave your insights or comments below.

At the, we can help you connect to your purpose and live your intentional life.

We would love to be a catalyst for you to step into a future version of yourself.

You can STOP OVERthinking, LET GO of OVERworking, STOP being OVERwhelmed and Reset, Decide and ACT;

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See you soon 🙂


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Sarah Linton

Sarah Linton is a Catalyst specialising in making change a reality for personal & professional evolution whilst keeping vitality at the core. A former business leader at global organisations including the Walt Disney Company. A Director, Master Coach, Mum and Founder of Tides of Change & Co-Founder of The Sarah is passionately connected to her True North as a prolific creator of new horizons & holding that as a vision for all clients partnering across time zones in the UK, USA & Asia Pacific. When we talk your world can change. "Life doesn't move in straight lines, and neither does a good conversation" - Margaret J. Wheatle.

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