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Do you Tread Water?

Are you willing to navigate the choppy seas of the horizon (future) you really want, or will you keep treading water?


At times we tread water on a decision that seems difficult to us and usually includes fear.  Sometimes, we can’t see that the fear of a ‘Wipeout’ is what keeps us treading water.  We keep searching for a solution that prevents us from facing being ‘wrong’ or ‘failing’.


When we are treading water in our lives; the questions might sound like this:


  • Can I find a role that is more meaningful to me?
  • Is there a better job out there?
  • Am I still in the right relationship? Should I seek a better one?
  • Could I move out of the city and set up a new life?
  • What if I could make my life feel calmer?
  • How can I find more quality time to spend with my partner or children or parents?
  • How can I find more time for sleep, exercise, better nutrition, water etc., so I have the energy to do more?


Moving into Choppy Seas?

When we ask ourselves the questions of moving out of treading water, the choppy seas we see ahead might sound like this:


  • I might not find another job if I leave
  • My financial situation stops me from changing my life
  • I need to work hard long hours; otherwise, I might fail
  • I might end up alone if I make significant changes in my relationship; I’ve spent so much time on this relationship
  • I’m not good at diets, exercise etc. and it never sticks

Many of these answers seem like a giant internal tide that takes us emotionally out and in daily.  There are many lows and highs. However, ultimately, we are treading water.


Our PACE to avoid treading water or wipeout


So how do we find the way forward to a life PACE that works for us alone?


We suggest setting a ‘big WAVE’ future direction that is your Horizon of where you want to go.


The big WAVE inspires us, but we need to practice and learn rather than PUSH or rush.  We need an internal gauge that allows us to assess our life PACE sustainability to achieve it.


What is required to cross the Choppy Seas?


Ask yourself what is required to cross those Choppy Seas and attain the big WAVE:  Some of the critical questions are below:


Patience:  What patience do you need to foster to keep moving forward?

Action: What are the small and significant actions which are required to attain your Big WAVE?

Create: Who do you need to collaborate with, and what can you create (small and big) to increase your options and solutions.

Energy: What do you need for sustainable energy?


Even from our first free consultation, you will have the first steps and new options and solutions.


Book yourself into the WAVE.


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