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Nurture your PACE is a core focus at The (Wisdom And Vitality Everyday)

Patience – Action – Create – Energy


Are these your life’s PACE reality?


Overworking – Overthinking – Over drinking – Overeating –
Over shopping – Over browsing – Over giving to others.


Undersleeping – Under happy – Underwhelmed – Under-performing – Under caring for yourself.


Do you lack motivation & feel tired most of the time?
How does your Energy affect others around you?


Managing Energy and vitality as a leader in business and life is crucial to success. But, one thing is sure – when a leader is struggling with their Energy, their performance & productivity suffers & ripples throughout their connections.


How important is it for you to work in a positive working environment? What are you contributing to create that for you and your team? Teams thrive w en there is encouragement for topping up Energy as part of ways of working.


FACT for nurturing your PACE

As we emerge from a year of the pandemic – horizons have changed in our personal lives, business landscapes have changed – and the world has changed.



It is rapid & varied. My home life is changing. Customers’ nee s are changing as trends move towards conscious consumption. Conscious leadership is an essential ingredient of any successful team & it’s never been more critical for leaders to practice effective energy management.


HOW you contribute to your environment is as important as WHAT you contribute.


Why is Energy so essential to our PACE?

Your Energy can determine the success of a meeting, a workday, team vibe and overall results. You bring your Energy to everything you do, which has positive or negative consequences & outcomes.


Experiencing Energy and vitality helps you to:

  • Be present & focused with everyone around you.
  • Make timely and robust decisions.
  • Engage in collaboration and healthy conflict
  • Offer valuable contributions
  • Support others around you


What you bring to any situation can consciously or subconsciously influence the behaviour of others.

Nurture your PACE practice like an Art

Energy management is an art and a practice.

  • The art – knowing how to navigate the waves and find PACE– when to surf and when to foil.
  • The habit of practice – willingness to wipe out (AKA fail) whilst learning and making it a shared practice in your team.


Leaders willing to spend time practising will create an environment where their team feels comfortable ‘wiping out’ & will eventually surf.


Your Energy has many different touchpoints :

  • Within team, peers and groups
  • One to One interaction
  • Around the work/home environment
  • On the phone
  • In the written word


Are you aware of how your Energy impacts each touchpoint?

How consistent are you? Do you display positive Energy for specific situations and catch yourself showing negative Energy for others?


The reality is that it is within your power to choose how you share your Energy. You can build awareness of how other people’s Energy affects you and adjust to retain yours.


Getting curious about how this shows up can help you design actions to build your reserves.

Five Steps to Nurture your PACE

Five steps to explore how to create ENERGY:


  1. SELF AWARENESS to nurture your PACE

Nurturing your pace starts with you. Get honest by evaluating your energy management.
Where you are spending or wasting Energy?
How are you feeling most of the time – happy, frustrated, low?

How do you respond to others?
Are you generally positive or negative?
When do you have high Energy or low Energy?
Are you open to new ideas? Are you judgmental or generous in your responses? How easily do you let things go – or do you build resentment? How are you sh wing up at each energy touchpoint during your workday?
Evaluating your style can create shifts of Energy in yourself and others.



It is being aware and noticing where the energy givers and takers are around the work/home environments.
Take time to observe where these are.
Decide how to manage yourself.

Give some thought to what you might want to change to create a positive productivity centre.


With your own spoken and written word. How consistent are you?
This consistency can help keep the focus on goals & values.
Your Energy can generate momentum and integrity to help your team connect the WHY dots (we are doing this) to the HOW (we do this).


  1. CREATE SPACE to nurture your PACE

Nurture your pace; Find time in your day to refuel your energy reserves. Permit yourself to serve your vitality. (Emotional & P physical WellbeWellbeingtice self-compassion – take a break – feel it, refuel and reset.

Pushing on is only going to result in burnout.



Empower your tribe. Let your tribe create, succeed and make mistakes. These are learning opportunities. Work things out together (not for them). Stay curious a d ask questions, create opportunities for them to innovate, listen to others and facilitate & guide them to see your bigger vision. Your tribe will make a connection when they know, you know – they’ve got this.

Share your findings. Show them (not telling) how you can create Energy. Treat your tribe as your most valuable asset. Task them with finding ways to generate energy boosts throughout the day, during meetings or projects.

Simple ideas are often the best. Take breaks, create fun & laughter, get out in nature – keep the creative energy flowing.


Art and habit can be aligned to nurture your PACE. It starts with you as a leader. Then, by modelling these behaviours, creating environments and good vibes will continue even when you are not there.


The helps leaders transform how people care for their emotional and physical Well-being. To tune their Energy in the workplace and still have some to take home. We help them m ve away from the NRG-takers and move toward the NRG-givers.

Remember, your Energy is contagious!

Check out your PACE value on our calculator.



Sarah Linton

Sarah Linton is a Catalyst specialising in making change a reality for personal & professional evolution whilst keeping vitality at the core. A former business leader at global organisations including the Walt Disney Company. A Director, Master Coach, Mum and Founder of Tides of Change & Co-Founder of The Sarah is passionately connected to her True North as a prolific creator of new horizons & holding that as a vision for all clients partnering across time zones in the UK, USA & Asia Pacific. When we talk your world can change. "Life doesn't move in straight lines, and neither does a good conversation" - Margaret J. Wheatle.

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