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Dreaming with Two Lenses

Two Lenses for Dreams. Are you a crystal clear dreamer, or do your dreams feel cloudy?  Why the two views? Perhaps because it’s the lens we choose to use.

Let’s walk through the two lenses for dreams.


Do your dreams change with time? Or, are there underlying themes that stay throughout your life and evolve with you and your experiences in life?

Perhaps to you, dreams sound fluffy and easy but unattainable in some way.  They may sound like something not to take seriously.

Maybe we get on with the business of life and do what we are “supposed” to do?


The Two Lenses approach to our Dreams:

Which approach to your dreams could make them practical versus reality?  Perhaps you are like me and sometimes see different paths:



What am I telling myself?  ‘I dream seriously yet for some reason I  make my dreams sit in the cautious and considered camp.’

Six Questions for ‘ME Now’:

  1. What do I like to do and have the skills for?
  2. How much change can I cope with?
  3. What constraints do I factor in considering my fears?
  4. Who around me has the needs and expectations I should meet? (#truthbomb1we are not fans of any ‘should’s!)
  5. How do I make sure I have enough money?
  6. What is the fallback plan if it goes wrong?


What could I be telling myself as I dream?  ‘I dream and take the constraints away and create insightful questions’

Six Questions for ‘Future Me’:

  1. How do I want to show up in my life and the world?
  2. What do I need to learn to be me in 10 years from now?
  3. What am I willing to fail at again and again until I succeed?
  4. How do I live the life I want for myself?
  5. What can I do to maximise my experience and my gifts?
  6. How do I love the hell out of my people?

Can you sense the difference in the outcome you will get?  In my experience, there is a huge difference between these two approaches.


‘Me NOW’ Dreams Lens:

For most of my life, I lived a lot on ‘ME NOW’ dreams’.  I didn’t dare challenge myself enough.

I filtered my dreams through constraints and challenges that I was afraid to push through to go where I wanted to go.

The significant changes I made in my life were fuelled by a glimpse of what could be.  However, this didn’t occur every day.


#truthbomb2I judged myself so harshly and was so worried that I would “fail”.


The pleasure of a distant dream just paled into insignificance compared to the pain I could easily envisage from the challenges.
Our brains keep us safe and away from change naturally.  We move toward available pleasures and stay away from pain because we believe it’s easier.
We focus on the perceived pain and substitute the easily accessible pleasures like OVER drinking, OVER eating, etc.


‘FUTURE Me’ Dreams Lens:

In the week recognising cancer survivors, (Sunday JUNE 6th 2021 is #CancerSurvivorsDay) I think of all those who are going through or have gone through cancer or other illnesses/injuries.

It sure is a challenge for all and a time to doubt whether we can cope and feel like our choices are taken away.
Perhaps we can learn to be compassionate with ourselves and believe we can manage.

After my heart (Open Heart Surgery) and breast cancer experiences four years ago, I took care of myself first.  I did everything I needed to do, including all the medications etc., getting a double mastectomy and reconstruction as soon as possible.  Once I got through the immediate impacts, my thoughts and hence dreams changed.


Making dreams a reality

The pain of the constraints and challenges of the past evaporated because my thinking changed.  My main thought was, “I’m not going to waste a minute of my life”
#YOLO (You Only Live Once)

I took on every challenge and every opportunity using my two lenses for dreams.

Plenty of focus on the FUTURE Me’ questions and dreams meant within a year, I had the right thoughts and hence the right actions to:

  • Exit my job,
  • Sell my house
  • Relocate out of the city
  • Certify as a health and life coach
  • Start my own business
  • Trade my car
  • Backpack the UK and South America


Now I love Who I am, What I Do and How I do it.  There is no substitute for that feeling.  I keep challenging myself to do the things that scare me because I have found out that our dreams are underneath the fear. It’s my definition of thriving faith – having faith in myself to go forward no matter what.


‘FUTURE Me’ focused thoughts are winners.  At the, we have honed our coaching skills and qualifications further over many years.

Now we use the best possible coaching experience in our clients’ dreams, which enables dreams for everyone.


2 Steps Using a “FUTURE Me” lens

Today, we suggest you take out a journal and let rip with your thoughts. Let your dreams live on a page.

STEP#1 – Write down the answers using the 6 questions in FUTURE me’ above.

STEP#2 –  Reflect on your answers and next to your dreams – add in all your challenges.
Take a look at your thoughts on these challenges (separate them from the facts).
You will understand some new reasons to dream and accept.

Your thoughts are what needs to change, then the situation around you will change because you will be willing to take the action that is required.

Then you make your dreams a reality.

The  can show you how these two lenses for dreams works.


Dreaming for Tomorrow

We would love to be a catalyst for you to step into a future version of yourself.  You can Stop Overthinking and let go of Overworking, being Overwhelmed and Reset, Decide and ACT;


Don’t wait; #YOLO. (You Only Live Once) so ACT, for YOU.


Book a complimentary “Future Me Dream” Consult below:

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