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  • Drop your dramas
  • Resisting Change
  • Fearing Failure
  • No more B/S


  • Get over your overs*
  • Nourish your unders*
  • Making critical decisions
  • Loving your landscape
  • Catapult you into action


Feeling Stuck Sucks…


Catalyst Event; NEED to KNOW


WHEN?  Friday 13 August 2021 or 15 October 2021

Full-Day: Your investment in yourself $750.

EXCLUSIVE: Limited to 12 places per day.

TIMINGS: 8:30 AM Registrations 9:00 AM- Welcome 5:00 PM – Close

WHERE: Private Residence, North Shore, 0630. Full details to be provided.


Your Catalyst RESET LAB includes

  • Pre-LAB materials
  • 1 X 30 min Pre-Event WAVE RESET Consult
  • 1-2-1 X 55 min Post-Event Catalyst Consult

Catalyst Coaching Package Highlights

  • Powerful experiential content
  • Connect to life on purpose
  • Personal Growth & Big shift
  • Practical Future Visualisation
  • Laser coaching experience
  • All Skills Lab Materials


  • Your Personalised Action Plan

Catalyst Event; NOURISH YOU

It’s all taken care of:


  • Ongoing Coffee/Tea AM/PM Morning Tea / PM Nibbles Delicious Lunch.


  • Experience the products to create your own sanctuary anywhere


  • Orientated to nurture your Self Care & Action plan at our sanctuary and beyond
  • Partner gift vouchers


Black Friday is the perfect day to RESET your load. 


Are you recycling, rinsing and repeating cycles of thinking too much and feeling thoughts like laundry stains won’t shift?


Do you dread doing the laundry again? Our TIDE will change your WAVE (Wisdom And Vitality Everyday)


Do you want the opportunity to get your thoughts in order and clear the clutter?


Do you want to stop Overthinking, Overworking and soak out your Overwhelm? Our minds can be a ‘mixed load‘ and represent chaos and pain points like a laundry basket.


Imagine being able to separate the lights, whites, dark coloured thoughts?  By doing your ‘laundry’, there is an opportunity to take out each item, give it fresh air (options) and then put it away in a way that you like.


Our Catalyst Event will enable you to do your laundry with ease, soak out the stains, reset your thoughts and feel proud of yourself for getting into action.


Bring yourself, your colleagues or your friends to share the load.  Share what you like, work on your own, learn from others and get a fresh perspective.


Be nurtured and refreshed .to explore your WAVE to Reset, Decide and ACT safely.


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