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PACE Value Journal with The WAVE Collab

Wisdom is applied perspective rather than facts … our feelings, thoughts, stories and sensations. This creates our connection to our Everyday.

Everyday we can create new perspectives for our:



Connections to ourselves and others


Role e.g. Business/Career


Do you want to trust yourself and your decisions in the ebb and flow of life? 

Everyday demands and fast-paced environments need healthy humans
who are focused & engaged.

VITALITY creates a connection to “being” rather than “doing” and experiencing perspectives.
Embracing many perspectives enables us to love who we are, what we do and how we do it.

We know that sustainable results for ourselves, teams and businesses come from making choices and taking action.

Today I choose life. Every morning when I wake up I can choose joy, happiness, negativity, pain… To feel the freedom that comes from being able to continue to make mistakes and choices – today I choose to feel life, not to deny my humanity but embrace it.


Today, I Choose Life.

The Need

59% of workers are physically depleted, emotionally drained mentally distracted and lack meaning and purpose.

The Energy Project

Catalysts for Change for your Curiosity & Growth

Are you experiencing any of these :


⇒Not feeling enough?

⇒Struggling with energy?

⇒Feeling stuck & procrastinating?

⇒Returning to work?

⇒Dreading change?

⇒Feeling fear and uncertainty about your desired change?

⇒Dreading difficult conversations?


The Wave serves as a catalyst for your Growth & Inspiration; innovation, choices and collaboration for your future.


Impact of Catalyst Coaching

Create the change you want

The WAVE Collab

We collaborate as The WAVE (Wisdom And Vitality Everyday)  & co-created the WAVE NAVIGATOR Theory & Practice.

Dedicated Catalysts enable you to explore your priorities and impact your self-leadership, presence, personal & role success.

How We Help

As CO-Founders of The WAVE. (Wisdom And Vitality Everyday), we develop and deliver bespoke coaching, mentoring and catalyst skills labs for our partners.

Dedicated coaching and mentoring support enable both individuals, businesses and teams to find balance for their growth, inspiration, health and professional success and productivity.  Leaving you & your business and teams happier, more productive and focused.

What We Offer

We offer 1 to 1 coaching experiences and skills labs tailored to your needs.

Our Navigator Packages integrate 5 Steps:

  1.         Set a Horizon (Direction)
  2.         Create a RESET (Mindset Approach)
  3.         Collaborate to DECIDE (Vision & Challenges)
  4.         ACT (Vitality and Outcomes)
  5.        DARE (Everyday Tactics for Change)

What We Offer

We offer group, 1 to 1 coaching and skills labs tailored to your needs.


  1. Emotional Intelligence – creating your reaction every time
    Radical Self Care for busy professionals
  3. Tools to navigate Stress & overwhelm in challenging times
  4.  Resilience, Courage & Adaptability to get big outcomes
  5. Meno & Mano pause
Make a change

Want More Time? More Energy? More Presence on your priorities?

We can explore & navigate the options ahead together.

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Meet Sarah

Sarah has a passion to guide and lead on problem seeking to overcome what’s in the way so that we can problem-solve and find that next step and get into action. The up-levelling that men & women achieve through working with a Catalyst is her definition of an intentional & purposeful life.

25+ years of Business and Leadership experience

Sarah has blended her business with her passion for life where people, family, human potential, personal growth & evolution fuel her soul. Sarah is energised by walking beside her clients, collaborating to read their compass and navigate towards the creation of choices and exciting new horizons.

Change & transition –  a hallmark of her Business & Personal experience.

Building resilience and instilling self-care for mental & physical well being is the backbone of her practice. Sarah partners with leaders of life  – in both personal & professional capacities  – so they can navigate their ebb and flow to Discover, Nourish & Thrive connected to their vitality & create their desired impact.

Christine Headshot

Meet Christine

Christine is passionate about guiding Leaders & Entrepreneurs to use time and their vitality to bring results.  Her definition of success: Like WHO you are, what you DO and HOW you do it.  She creates a challenging and safe environment to explore your current everyday and use your Key Intent to make choices for Vitality everyday.

30+ years of Business and Leadership experience

She has 30+ years of leadership and business experience, and her health & life experiences create perspective to Inspiration, Opportunities and Challenges. She is certified in health, yoga and life coaching to create a holistic experience for her clients.

RESET, DECIDE and ACT to change at your PACE

You Only Live Once #YOLO, so her focus is on the combined PACE of your Vitality and growth everyday because she knows this combination creates results.

Christine is a trusted Vitality Catalyst. So you come as you are on the day, and that is where we start.

Christine is available online on Zoom.

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The biggest risk is the one you never take.

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