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Choose Wisdom And Vitality Everyday

You Thrive when you align your Wellness, Leadership & Relationships

The WAVE are experienced, qualified international coaches and transformation specialists.

Our Focus

Personal growth solutions in Wellness, Relationships and Leadership.

Thrive with The WaVE

The Impact for you

Creating more freedom and impact over time.

Our work together gets you into the aligned action you have been waiting to take.
You explore aligning your priorities every day and where you want to be.
We work with you in mindful change practices to unlock what has yet to be fulfilled.

How we work

The Wave collaborates with you to synchronise your cognitive, emotional, physical, and inspirational dimensions to help you become your best self. By aligning these dimensions, you enhance your impact on both personal and professional levels, leading to increased freedom and contentment.

Through progressive neuroscience, mindful thought work, heart-led coaching, and inspirational practices, we help you lean into your edge to bring your ‘whole self’ to your everyday life – at home, work, and play.






Are you stuck in a chapter of your life that you have outgrown? Is it time to open the next book?
Cultivate practical insight into everyday situations, events and relationships.

Gather perspective
Design your choices
Integrate your practice

Reflect and Reset

Everyday Steps create your momentum
Notice your impact
Master your Techniques
Evolve and Grow

Connect with us for a cuppa to explore how we could work together.
Invaluable time for you to help us understand your specific challenges and how we can help you solve them & get ito your flow.

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The biggest risk is the one you never take

Meet Us

Sarah & Christine collaborate as the WAVE (Wisdom And Vitality Everyday)
Blending 50+ years’ experience leading big commercial outcomes & projects,
whilst loved ones needed more of us and sacrificed our wellbeing in getting our results.
We co-created the WAVE Navigator theory & practice.

As dedicated Catalysts we create impact & short cuts to accelerate todays
leaders into the everyday they deserve.

Your safe place to explore. Discover your new horizons to positively impact your everyday priorities.

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3 Steps

The WAVE Practice is our framework based on the power of three. The human brain can only process 3 things at once in an optimum way. These steps create flow at work, home & play that you can apply in ANY situation to uplevel your everyday.


Pause and Reset your thinking which has created your current results



Start by Choosing what you think, feel and how you act to bring you new results



Sustain your Impact with results through simple practices of reflection & resetting the cycle (back to Step 01)