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Christine Jull

Catalyst For Leaders

Vital Leaders right now?

Perhaps you feel vital, but most of us make sub-optimal choices for ourselves.💔

We create “Clear Horizons*” by making wise choices & taking risks that bring us results that get the horizon into our “Now”.

Our thoughts and feelings can incorrectly associate “fear” with neutral circumstances. That “risky” decision could create a new horizon and results for the rest of our lives. We can learn to have courage even when decisions feel “risky” to us but are low risk and can create innovation in our lifetimes. 👀

Similarly, for tasks and decisions which feel “boring”, There is no instant pleasure involved (our brains love the dopamine from instant satisfaction like over-indulging in chocolate, alcohol, etc.). But, on the other hand, those small decisions can be the wisest ones we make.

So what do we want from our decisions? Belonging and love are what we seek to recognise our success and our Vitality. 💞 We wish to have an impact and create a legacy with what we achieved and how we loved and led others.

Vital Leaders Succeed

We work hard to be successful business leaders and create change for better results and a strong business and team.

We operate in the Super VUCA* world, get mired in complexity, and lose our certainty of getting business results through simple clarity. Sometimes we need to think in a counterintuitive way to get new results in new ways.

The world around us works in interlinked systems that interact in ways that we find complex to understand. It can be a little scary (overwhelming) when our decisions seem complicated. It seems so hard when we want to go fast and get our results. We learn to use our internal Wisdom to get new results in our current situation. We stop looking outside ourselves for solutions. We are given our bodies in this world to get to our destination, and they are fit for purpose in today’s world.

What is Wisdom?

We are “complete” humans …. we have brains, guts, nervous systems, hearts, bodies, facia etc. Each element works together as a whole. Over thousands of years of evolution, we already have superpowers. We can use our bodies to apply every type of Wisdom available to optimise any situation.

In the later part of our evolution, we have prioritised the brain as the only way to solve all problems and get everything we want.

We can let our survival fears overrule our more evolved logical brain and body wisdom. However, it’s about our level of Vitality internally to be calm in our decisions and adjust our behaviour.

Science and the information age have broken everything into parts. We created specialisation for scientists, mental health practitioners, organs, research, technology and more and made much more information for our brains. We have learnt to seek more significant amounts of information outside of ourselves. Then, when we hit challenging decisions, we can feel lost when it’s too scary or boring to act the way we want to perform.

Vital Leader’s wise traits

Sometimes dealing with a current challenge requires us to take some time to slow down and reflect on what is going on. Then, to use all of our vital leadership traits and Wisdom.

A Cycle of Wisdom

We can take a step back to understand the complete cycle of our Wisdom. We work through a process of:

  1. Thinking, sometimes in old patterns and individual thoughts; create
  2. Feelings which drive our
  3. Actions – words we say, things we do or don’t do and hence our
  4.  CURRENT Results.

Changing the cycle of our Wisdom

We need NEW thinking, feelings, and actions for the NEW results and Impact. We want to create a clear horizon NOW for ourselves at work, home, and play.

That’s the cycle of getting results using our full Wisdom. We don’t need to change other people or our current situation to feel great. Instead, we learn who we want to be and why we are heading there and create a connection with others.

Feelings are critical, and we can use the complete Wisdom of our bodies, not just our thinking to optimise our results.

Vital Leaders and Clear Horizons

We can optimise and achieve a natural state of feeling vital as a Leader through clear horizons. We can maximise our brains and synchronise our internal Wisdom and that of others around us,

In every Catalyst experience, we work with business leaders to connect, create and rise to a clear horizon for themselves. But, it’s more than a mindset; it’s “Vitality” for impacting lives around us.

Our internal Wisdom and Vitality matter. We want to have an Impact.

Impactful Horizons.

We want to leave an impression or legacy behind us as a leader and someone else’s loved one. However, how we create the most significant Impact requires mindfully course-correcting. To be fully self-leading at even the worst moment.
Our old thinking focuses on the things we are not doing, how we could be better, and what we need to do next. When we have depleted ourselves, the success we have created isn’t fulfilling our desires. We want more meaningful lives and Impact…. we can feel we are not fulfilling our potential.
We can’t enjoy the most significant Impact if we don’t take our vitality to create success seriously. When we are vital, we achieve extraordinary things. We can take on the most significant challenges. This is because we are creative, make excellent choices and are willing to take risks and get new results from new thinking.

Creating Impact

Vitality everyday is what we practice at the WaVE. Our Clients learn how to feel everything and create a bigger life as a vital leader, with loved ones and for ourselves.

This Vital self-leading is where brilliant decisions are Clear Horizons for ourselves and those whose lives interact with ours.

*Clear horizons have clarity about who we are and why we act for our teams and loved ones.

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