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Christine Jull

Catalyst For Leaders

Valuable leaders?

Valuable Leaders learn three steps to see, understand and respond to what others want from them. To give and get value for others makes a valuable leader:

  • Customers
  • Teams
  • Peers
  • CEO’s
  • Stakeholders

Valuable leaders have created connections, conversations and learned to respond to others practically. They trust themselves and know what they want. 

Here are three steps to give and get value as a leader. First, learn to integrate the valuable leaders’ “Triad” for the best leadership performance.

  1. Personal Vitality: Keep ourselves energised with a daily routine for physical & mental Vitality.
  2. Loved Ones: Love and keep growing and learning with them to support each other in new ways everyday
  3. Leading: We can trust ourselves to fail or succeed and get up and keep going in any situation.



We want to feel appreciated/valued and create the best outcomes for our business. We are critical as leaders to take the business forward. Serving the business and our teams is part of our purpose.

Being a leader who ‘serves’ others creates rewarding thoughts and feelings:

  1. Pleasure in belonging and serving our teams, our business, our customers
  2. A sense of purpose in our work
  3. Learning, growing and taking pride in ourselves

Mostly we feel successful, but we often feel dissatisfied as we seek the next level of success. It is not in our nature to “rest on our laurels.”

We can feel undervalued, doubt our ability to succeed at that next level, or fear failure. Perhaps we are frustrated, sad or guilty when not perceived by ourselves or others as valued leaders.

Perhaps we feel under pressure financially or otherwise to “perform” for our future at work.

So we work harder, try harder, push ourselves to be more, a better leader, and we can lose awareness of the other parts of the “Triad”.

Loved One’s 


Our loved ones are the ones we connect to most and with whom we spend our most treasured time. They are one of our reasons to “make money” and give meaning to our lives. We might:

  • “Forget” their importance in pursuing what we are capable of in the leadership arena.
  • Be frustrated with an angry spouse when we come home late
  • Feel guilty about children whom we tell ourselves don’t get “quality time” with us.  
  • We have parents who need our time and energy to support their needs.
  • Loose connection to loved ones with special needs through illness, ageing, special requirements etc.

Valuable Leader: ME!


The most significant source of our Vitality as valuable leaders are sleep, nutrition, mindfulness, play, movement, and inspiration.

Our bodies are unique, and when we treat them well, they repay us in so many ways:

  • Better thoughts
  • Feeling OK
  • Acting better
  • More results we want in our everyday 

We can learn to care for our bodies everyday and take care of them to serve us, so we uplevel our everyday lives.

The science is so clear and becoming even more explicit that our whole bodies are what create our health and wellbeing. Not just our brain, our heart, not just our gut but our entire body.

When we value our bodies and ourselves, we can elevate ourselves in each triad.


Valuable Leaders Summary


When we value ourselves and take the time to take care of our Vitality, we have the means to be who we want to be with our loved ones and with our work colleagues.

These interactions are the most valuable to create a sense of well-being, connection to others and belonging. We want to be self-led in the integration of our daily relationships.

Yes, we read things everyday about what we should do differently. But unfortunately, the choices we make daily can overwhelm us so that we make sub-optimal choices. But it’s OK, we are human, and we are all practising.

The everyday trust we build in ourselves gives value to us to see what we and others value. Then we can create that value around us from a full Cup – not resentment from love.



Valuable leader writing challenge:

Over the next month, write for 20 minutes on each question …

What …

  • Do you value leading everyday?
  • Is the most valuable element in your relationship with loved ones everyday?
  • Could you appreciate more about yourself everyday?
  • What you can do to elevate your trust in “You”?  
  • How could you choose “You” again tomorrow and everyday?  

Dan Pink  “Regret is also valuable. It clarifies, instructs. Done right, it needn’t drag us down; it can lift us.”


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