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Is this your Current Everyday?


Do you work too hard and make no time for yourself or what you really want?

Are you experiencing low energy, exhaustion, emotional and physical health challenges?

Want freedom from self-doubt and confidence for an elevated life with Vitality and Energy?

Be the CATALYST of your own habit change with the WAVE.

How long will you wait to experience a well-lived Everday?

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At the WAVE we support you to reset the PACE of your life, so it is just right for you and is maximising your Everyday right now.

Our clients focus on many different results including the following:

  • Emotional and physical well-being
  • Attaining the next role
  • Start or accelerate a business.
  • Excel in a current profession
  • Build the self-compassion to be confident all decisions in life
  • Money freedom


What is the WAVE?


We have created, tried and tested the CATALYST experience & combined our experience, training and knowledge of 70+ years’ operating in the world of Everyday: Role, Vitality, Connections, Money and Inspiration.


Numerous clients have created significant change with ourselves as coaching CATALYSTS. The outcomes impact all aspects of their Everyday to access their opportunities and solve their challenges.  We can help you to make a life that is operating at a PACE that you enjoy, and know you are going in the direction of your choice.


We use The WAVE to express how our clients attain their PACE.

The WAVE is Wisdom And Vitality Everyday:

WISDOM contains three steps?

  • STEP 1: Connect – Connect the dots to have clarity of the choices in life
  • STEP 2: Collaborate – Work on all relationships for fruitful belonging and connection to others
  • STEP 3: Create – Bring your ideas/others into action to make life the one you choose


VITALITY  is the foundation of moving forward Everyday – step by step and to move at the PACE which feels right for you.  This is where the magic happens?


Why is the WAVE is meaningful to you?


We founded  The WAVE as when we are living on purpose, our lives are vital, we enjoy our PACE every day.  We know our CATALYST experience can help you create that vitality.

Sarah and Christine are passionate about supporting our clients to live accessing their Wisdom and Vitality Everyday to make the very most of their lives.  We know the feeling when Everyday feels drained, we are not progressing as we wanted while we burnt our well-being.  Our  PACE was not aligned  That experience drained us, created frustration and that fog of inadequacy.  We know how to change this…

This passion is why we created the WAVE to share in the following formats:

  • 121 CATALYST Coaching
  • Group Coaching
  • Workshops/ Webinars
  • Team development

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