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Is the life being sucked out of you through Overwhelm?


Have you met Ozi Octopus of Overwhelm?  The energy sucker and your  “Future-sucker”.  Your “friend” that keeps you partying in your O-zone*.

Is there a future that you want? Then Ozi turns up, and you hear yourself say:

  • I’m too busy
  • I’ll do it later
  • I don’t have enough time
  • It’s too hard; I can’t do it
  • I’m not ready
  • What if I/it is not good enough?
  • Who cares if I eat or drink this?
  • They won’t be happy
  • They will be sad
  • They will hate me

Inspiration for creating your future rather than Overwhelm


How do you create a fantastic future?  Your time and energy and the choices you make.

Are your time and energy yours, not anyone else’s? In the same way, your choices are yours?

What if you decided now that your time and effort only went to three things?

  • 8 Hr’s Sleep
  • 8 Hr’s Fun and Play
  • 8 Hr’s Work/Business/Purpose?


I’m Overwhelmed – My life isn’t like that?


Have you noticed that it’s usually your work that keeps getting Over allocated? It takes on a greater proportion of time and results in your O-Zone.

*Your O&U Zones become your ‘happy place’ – Over-drinking, Overeating, Over scrolling, Over watching, Overmedicating and the U-Zones are alive and kicking Undersleeping, Underperforming  & Under happy. That sucks, and O & U Zones are not long term happiness opportunities …. not sustainable pleasure.

What if you only chose sleep or real play to be overfilled and never depleted?


Why get out of your ‘O’ – Zone?


No one in the graveyard ever wished they had worked more hours but spent time with loved ones and in real play.

They wished they had done the things they wanted but feared. Perhaps the only reason you are putting things off is that it’s easier to put it off than to face doing the things you fear to do.

We have been there too! The instinctual part of our brains are always trying to survive (which in the distant past used to be staying away from change). The pursuit of our future doesn’t often seem as urgent as surviving. If we honour our (Yes and No’s) pre-planned time, not our “at the moment” impulses* and distraction, we maximise our Everyday.

*Grab the biscuits, drink a glass of wine, scroll FB, do the “easy stuff “ of our comfort zone.  Sound familiar?

We hear clients and would-be clients say the same thing time and time again. I’m just too busy right now.  With what?  Often not their future but putting more time and energy they don’t have into their work and “O-ZONE”.


Four steps to stop overwhelm and create opportunity :


  1. Connect – Self-Awareness of where you spend your time and energy and what you want (your Compass)
  2. Collaborate – Initiate the support around you generate opportunities to create
  3. Create – Spend time with catalysts. e.g. Who are the five most Impactful people in your everyday? in your life to navigate to the everyday you want
  4. Vitalitythe foundation of moving forward every day – step by step and move at the PACE, which feels right for you. e.g. Nurture your PACE


Stop Overthinking and let go of Overworking, being Overwhelmed and Reset, Decide and ACT;

Don’t wait; #YOLO. (You Only Live Once) so ACT, for YOU.

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