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Is your life feeling like you are on autopilot chasing goals and ticking things off a
to-do list yet not moving forward?

Are you stuck simply moving through the motions of life?

Do you hear yourself saying….

‘I’m stuck’ or,

‘If only ‘X’’ or,

‘I’ll be happy when…. or,

‘I’m overwhelmed’  (+ all the behaviours of your OVERS & UNDERS)

Sounding familiar? Are you craving to wake up and smell the coffee? (i.e feel really present with your life?)

Ouch…this can feel really uncomfortable. The truth often does.

I encourage you to take a pause and read your compass to create a new map. I say this with compassion, care & insight along with a huge serving of empathy!

Why choose an Intentional Life?

#truthbomb1:  Life is full of noise

The fusion of business, fast-paced society, media, well-meaning loved ones – everyone has an opinion of what you should be doing and who you should be.

Expectations leak out of mouths amidst the competing priorities of our work, home and playtime.

If people are really honest – most of us walk through life carrying weight on our shoulders. That constant pressure to DO more and BE more?

In addition to it being painful to carry, more often than not, that weight is not yours to carry.

I spent way longer than I would care to admit stuck in a holding pattern doing what was expected of me with a narrative in my head around all the ‘shoulds’.

It’s a word that I avoid in my vocabulary. I have found it useful to switch it up to ‘I choose’.


What will an intentional Life do for you?

An intentional life is about turning down that noise, catapulting any external expectations into orbit and looking inwards to read your own compass.

You get to choose your purpose for your life. What really matters to you?

Moreover, by living your life connected to your intentions,  you can consciously decide to live your life accordingly.

The sooner you get the concept to CONNECT to your intentions – the faster you will connect to the ebb and flow of your life.


#truthbomb2: It’s not all easy and your life won’t change overnight 

..YET it will be a gift for your future and doing the work will simplify the process.


In our earlier blog on  Sustainable Self Care, I addressed Self-Care as being a moment by moment decision.

The same rings true around an intentional life.  This too is a moment by moment decision!

Living an intentional life will require you to take a step back – evaluate the currents of your ocean and ALL the elements.

Furthermore, you can decide if this will take you where you want to get to.

Take note of all the tides & read your compass with ease and energy. You can start to accept that you have your own ebb and flow to navigate.


How to connect to your Intentional life. 

Grab a notebook and pen and get curious about your intentions.

Our formula for an intentional life :

2 Foundation Steps + 5 Practical Steps = ⇒ Surfing your W-A-V-E

(Wisdom And Vitality Everday)


Here, I cover 2 x  FOUNDATION STEPS  to action in preparation for the 5  x Practical Steps to an Intentional Life (publishing on 14th June) 

Foundation Step#1:
BE intentional with your MINDSET.

  1. Embrace the concept that every day is full of possibility where new decisions can be made to create new opportunities
  2. Your past or any pattern from it does not define your future.  You are free to choose
  3. You are not trapped and you have choices to make a change.
  4. Every day is a new start and renewal is possible

If you are strapped for time & have a hard time finishing things you need to get done, it’s time to examine how you spend your time! We all have 24 hours in any one day.
Are you making the most of each hour?

Are you hearing yourself ask:

How can I create a balanced life?

When can I take time for myself, family, friends and still have fun?

If it feels like you never have enough time, your daily routine needs an Audit & check-up.

Foundation Step#2:
AUDIT & EVALUATE the tide you are swimming in (i.e. your external factors)

By completing your life audit, or check-in, you will be able to evaluate your current status.

N.B. There is no right or wrong. Be completely honest with yourself.

Importantly, if you are still working this out, consider tracking your activities for a few days so that you can notice what and how you do life.
The more robust your data is – the brighter your light will shine where it needs to go.


Life Audit EXERCISE:
YOU WILL NEED 3 sheets of paper, a pen, an open mind & time to reflect.
OUTCOME: You will end up with 9 sections that will identify where you spend your Time, Money and Energy at Home, Work and Play.

Draw 3 circles and divide each one into 3 sections: one section for WORK, one section for HOME & one for PLAY.  Here are some ideas to get you started & create your own that fit your life.

Take a look at each area and write down how you would evaluate these 3 areas:

YOUR TIME – How do you allocate & spend your TIME?

Work: Working/Finance/Operations/Sales/Marketing/Exec team/Strategy/Evaluation & Analysis/Business needs/Social Media/Emails/Calls/Volunteering
Home: Financial planning / Household Chores/Laundry / Family /Surfing Online/Eating/Drinking/Volunteering
Play: Giving to others/Family/Surfing Online/Excercise/Sport/Eating/Drinking/Self Care/Reading/Learning/Personal Growth/TV/Caring for pets/Grooming

YOUR MONEY –  Where are you spending your MONEY

Work: Business needs/ Work Wardrobe / Lunches /
Home: Household bills/ Food / Home improvements
Play: Shopping Food/Clothing /Socialising -eating & drinking/ Family/Excercise/Sport/Self Care/Books/Self Improvement/Technology/Pets/Grooming

YOUR ENERGY  – Notice where and how you are spending your ENERGY 

Work: Working Business needs/Customers Needs/Finance/Operations/Sales/Marketing/Team management/Mental preparation/Evaluation & Analysis/Strategy
Home: Family/Household chores / Garden/Car/Caring for others
Play: Giving to others/ Caring for others/ Exercise/Sport/Reading/Learning/TV/Grooming/Volunteering/Self Care.


If yours is anything like my first time, it is an eye-opener as to how much time you spend working, shopping, surfing the net &
how little time you invest into your Self Care and your connection to loved ones.

It may surprise you how you tell yourself that you want one thing, yet your actions are telling a different story?!

The good news is that you can STOP OVERthinking, let go of OVERworking, STOP being OVERwhelmed and Reset, Decide and ACT;


“If I had an hour to solve a problem I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem
and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.” 


You will be empowered by your intentions and you will avoid letting any random current determine your outcomes & destination.

These 2 x Foundations steps can marinate with you for your own reflection.

 We live in a society where time is a precious commodity, it takes time and intentional practice to create change.

Furthermore, being so busy we avoid making time to reflect on our challenges or our opportunities.

As a direct result, many opportunities go unnoticed because our radar is off or frazzled, there is too much noise for us to hear the signals.

Next week we get into the 5  x Steps to making your Intentional Life your reality.


Why would any of us choose to waste life like a piece of driftwood or in a rudderless boat?

Why waste this one precious life stuck in any rut?


At the we can help you connect to your purpose and live your intentional life.

We would love to be a catalyst for you to step into a future version of yourself.

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