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Does overthinking waste your time and drain your energy?

Consider clearing the clutter from your mind.


We know what it’s like to have an excellent spring clean-up. But, sometimes, we need to do this in our minds.


In the same way, we need to spring clean our house, you know, the kitchen, undies, sock or home office drawers or somewhere you ignore? Likewise, our minds need the same attention to declutter.


Both our overthinking mind and cluttered home draws drain our energy.  How many times do we think about getting around to decluttering the drawers and yet don’t do it?  Not acting is a drain of time.  We use a lot of mental capacity ignoring the “drawers.”


However, their contents don’t go away!


Is it possible to clear out both overthinking minds and drawers?


Why do we want clear minds?


Clutter is something most of us don’t love, and it doesn’t support our ability to use our clear minds for focusing on success.


Maya Angelou defined success in terms of the things we love.  Do you truly love who you are, what you do and how you do it?  We might like each of these things, but we need clarity to focus on moving forward.


Often our overthinking is based on the way we want things around us to change. For example, we might want to rewrite the past or change the future, but we are not focused on the most potent place; “the present”.


How can we maximise our success?


With crystal clear thinking, we can do what we need to do to change our results.  That might be changing the PACE of our Everyday so that we have the capacity and capability to:


  1. Love ourselves – Create resilience to reduce overthinking which tells us that we are not good enough, broken, not loveable etc
  2. Love what we do – Perhaps our mind is looking over the fence and considers whether there is a better use for our energy. We might be working too hard because we are overthinking; we need to get everything right and not fail. We might be overthinking what other people think.
  3. Like how we do it – we aren’t the person we want to be with our spouse, children, or workmates. So we might not feel like we know how to do all the things we want to do.


How can you RESET the PACE of your overthinking?


Would you like to stop overthinking and change the PACE of your Everyday?


We have three tips to RESET your overthinking:


  1. Allocate yourself an amount of time to clean out those drawers, and while you are doing it, let your mind go wild on your current frustration. (feel the feels as they say). When you have finished the physical task, stop your overthinking and either:
    1. Make a decision and enact it
    2. Let it go.
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