The WAVE & Girls Talk Business (GTB) Experience:


Sarah and Christine bring you a wealth of experience as Catalysts for Girls Talk Business to explore your WAVE (Wisdom And Vitality Everyday) so that you can evolve your business.

You can Connect, Choose and Create a new horizon and IMPACT. We do not “advise and tell” but collaborate with you on your business in a totally customised way.  We collaborate with you to create the change you want in your business from your yet uncovered wisdom and ours.


Clear Horizons IMPACT NOW


We are catalysts for businesswomen using courage to carve a place in the world of business.  You deserve to have the Vitality to like YOU, what YOU do and how YOU do it.

When you change your thinking and it aligns with where you are going and you are equipped to let go of “mind chatter” and the resulting fear you can create the horizon you want.

As a result, you create the IMPACT you want in your business.


Your Business is a Reflection of you:



Businesses are a reflection of their owner, all the strengths, passion, doubts, fears and skills to learn.  Together we can access Inspiration, Opportunities and make the Challenging actions less daunting. We see businesses flourish when owners learn to keep their personal “vitality” high and love their business FIRST and then Take Action.   


Actions fuelled by desperation, frustration, or fear of failure are not sustainable. We drain ourselves and potentially our loved ones and


When make the choice to revitalise ourselves everyday our focus and our actions create momentum that fuels our business.


The best business owners are self-awareness and a high EQ (Emotional Quotient) and a step into intuition to get maximum IMPACT in their business.


You are the compass for your business, and we can be your Vitality Crew:  The Captain is you, the business is your vessel, and we will be your Navigator for options to get your results.

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