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Sarah Linton

Director & Catalyst Advisor

Sarah LintonTOC Director & Catalyst Adv

Energy Boost: How to elevate your vibrancy & your performance

Our vitality is being eroded in a world that is always on – driving and aspiring for MORE.
A pattern of addiction to Busy-ness is impacting our Well-being & draining our energy.

Amidst a generation when we juggle competing priorities of Career, Loved ones – many of our leaders are pulled in all directions at home, work and play, caring and invested in the lives of young families and ageing relatives as well as holding Senior Leadership roles –  Health & Wellbeing is at risk for our Sandwich Generation.

We need the energy to do our everyday.

Think about how we nurture & provide for our children to avoid hitting that H-Angry point!

Why are we making ourselves a lesser priority?

Well-being for Energy

We all know these cornerstones, right?  Or do we take them for granted?

Eat – Well
MOVE – Daily
SLEEP –  for Rest & Recovery

Without these in place – our well-being is being drained in our Everyday.

Many of our leaders are caught in the ‘Busy-ness / Pressure’ trap. They carry the weight that eventually becomes a diagnosis or a collapse point.

Add in additional layers of uncertainty, increased risks, ongoing change & disruption; it is too easy to sink below our WaVE (Wisdom And Vitality Everyday) & find ourselves drowning.



Energy draining pattern repeats

As pressure rises, engrained thoughts, distractions, behaviour & repeating patterns come into play.
They end up becoming our outcomes. Try these for size?

  • Staying late to complete that deadline – becomes a pattern of working late into the evenings.
  • Scrolling on SM instead of being present in our relationships – impacts how they & we feel
  • Dodging the exercise class to prioritise the kids/relatives – becomes a pattern of deprioritising ourselves and our movement.


Guess who ends up paying the price? There are 3 of them….

You, Your Vitality & Your Loved ones.


Amidst the busyness and under pressure, many of us start with tasks that need to be done, rather than investing our time and energy into what we care about.

How can we change that?



Shifting from a TIME-focused mindset


Most of us spend too much time on what is urgent, and not enough time on what is important.



Truth bomb: TIME is a finite resource.

There are 24 hours on any one day for all of human history. It is the only fair resource on Earth, as every person gets 24 hours as a metric.

When you manage your TIME, you may reference The Pareto Principle  – the 80/20 rule.

What 20 % of my effort can add 80 % of my business results?

This approach creates tasks and activities which area a Productive-activity focus.

WaVE  Check-In: Don’t forget about your people

20%  of our peers and team are likely to give you 80 % of what’s needed.
They are your evangelists! Take good care of them.

Don’t forget those epic humans outside of your role, too –  you can probably name a handful of friends/family members who would be there for you under any circumstances.

Do they deserve to be lower down your priority list?


Our decisions & actions define whether Time becomes our Friend or our Foe.

How we manage are ENERGY  & VITALITY with those 24 hrs amidst our TO-DO list becomes the heartbeat that can either help you flow & glow or conversely create drain & strain.



Embrace an ENERGY-focused mindset.

I wonder …would you let your phone battery run near empty?

When your Vitality is attempting to run from the bottom of your tank, it will impact your motivation and performance. As a result, our everyday becomes a drag.

An Energy Focused mindset will mean a reset to any BUSY-ness / PRESSURE cycle to avoid burning time, getting distracted and neglecting our priorities.

We focus on topping up our VITALITY tanks and serving our emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

Imagine – having the energy to do more of what you want, getting the essential things done & loving how you do it?

Aah… pure joy!



5 Vitality tanks to access your optimal energy.


1) Physical Vitality

Take care of your physical form. It needs you.
Spoiler alert: Your self-care is your responsibility.

Want more? Check out our WaVE blog: The Overs and Unders of Sustainable self-care HERE.


TheWaVE Basic Principles: Eat – Hydrate – Move – Sleep

2) Mind Vitality

Multitasking undermines productivity. Your brain needs you too to take care of it.
Distractions are costly. Manage your distractions by practising presence and focus.
Realistic thought patterns are essential to your Vitality.

TheWaVE  Reminder  –  your thoughts become your feelings –  your feelings become your actions, and your actions become your Outcomes.

3) Emotional Vitality

Knowing how to ride the emotional wave saves energy. Monitor how you react & save your breath. Cultivate 2-way emotions – what you give out will come back.
It’s worth appreciating the value of those around you – to them. It boosts both yours and their tanks.

4) Social Vitality

Investing quality time with family and a handful of friends brings new perspectives to the whole of you.

5) Inspiration Vitality

Connection to your Passions & Purpose, aligning your values and integrating them at home, work and play.



Your Energy Audit Challenge
What Drains you & What sustains and elevates you

Do you stop to take stock of your energy to know where your pinch points are?
We invite you to make this a Quarterly Action for you. It will help you identify where your Vitality Suckers sit.

Make two lists:

  • Everything that drains & sucks your Energy
  • Everything that elevates your Energy

When you have awareness, you can take on more Energy Elevators. Create a plan to delegate as many of the Energy Suckers as possible.



Permission to be your No. 1 Priority

It’s well researched that we can do MORE when we prioritise our Well-being.

Innovation, Creativity & productivity soar when you connect to yourself.

  • Know your values & priorities.
  • Create processes to make space for you & automate whatever you can
  • Focus on tasks that give you energy. Delegate tasks that zap you


You design a system that works around the specific lifestyle choices that can positively serve you.




Power of 3

As a self leader, working out your relationship in the areas you lead will become a catalyst for change.

Your relationship with your role can elevate our senses of purpose, belonging, financial contribution & impact.

The relationship with yourself can elevate how you relax, access calm and get into a flow everyday – and successfully lead under pressure.

An essential one with your loved ones can elevate how we feel about ourselves. Appreciating, engaging with & valuing them is soul food.



You can find a flow when you focus on keeping our Vitality tanks topped up.

You stay connected to your best self, even when under pressure navigating competing priorities, deadlines & uncertainty.


The reality is Self Leaders who are well – Do well.


We can bring our best performance to whatever comes our way.

    • 100% present in our conversations
    • Contribute creative ideas & continually innovate
    • Entirely focus on our critical tasks / commercial deliverables
    • Strengthen relationships at Home, Work & Play
    • Creating impact for your future legacy.

You can achieve results that will have you smashing out gains way beyond Time Management techniques.

Learn to surf your Wave with us.


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We would love to be a catalyst for you to step into a future version of yourself.

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Sarah Linton

Sarah Linton is a Catalyst specialising in making change a reality for personal & professional evolution whilst keeping vitality at the core. A former business leader at global organisations including the Walt Disney Company. A Director, Master Coach, Mum and Founder of Tides of Change & Co-Founder of The Sarah is passionately connected to her True North as a prolific creator of new horizons & holding that as a vision for all clients partnering across time zones in the UK, USA & Asia Pacific. When we talk your world can change. "Life doesn't move in straight lines, and neither does a good conversation" - Margaret J. Wheatle.

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