Dancing on Water

Catalyst Conversations for Dancing on Water

Welcome to a series of “Dancing on Water” conversations.


We enjoy trialling new concepts like the Catalyst Conversations to ensure we provide the best value to all at www.theWaVE.co.nz

What do we mean by “Dancing on Water“?   We:

  1. Are all floating, swimming, surfing, or drowning in the Water (Circumstances – Other people, Situations and Events)
  2. Think that our feelings come from those circumstances (it feels like the truth!)
  3. Are the creator of our the future and can self lead ourselves in ANY Situation
  4. Can learn to see the Water clearly and keep Dancing on top rather than “drowning in the circumstances.”


We can have more fun everyday when we can dance. We can think differently Now and create the future we want.


These conversations are perspectives about creating that change in you and how you can have more impact.


You want to feel success in the world with your loved ones, how you think and feel about yourself and how you represent yourself in any situation.


However, perhaps you feel angry, frustrated, sad, grieving or suffer from “self-doubt” and want the courage, compassion or commitment to do more? Maybe you have some habits you want to change to gain more energy. For example, moving more, sleeping more, eating better, and feeling more “on top of the world.”


When we are on top of the world, we can do more!   Perhaps you want to be Dancing on Water?


Enjoy the Catalyst Conversations.  If you want to participate in a video as a Catalyst for Wisdom and Vitality in Every day, get in contact and let’s have a conversation for a future “Dancing on Water”:



If you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done.

Thomas JeffersonWhat could you do if you learnt to 'Dance on Water'