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Inspiration in your everyday?


How do we use our time every day to create long term vitality and realise our future vision?  How can we use Inspiration to fuel us to choose action everyday?


We all think of Inspiration in so many different ways. It can be spirituality, religion,  “the Universe,” and so on. Perhaps it’s a sense of hope, excitement, aspiration, self-expression, a strong desire, energy or a catalyst for you?  Ultimately Inspiration increases our willingness to ACT.


Do we feel Inspiration as a vibration in our body? Perhaps we have thoughts when we consider Inspiration?


What does Inspiration mean and feel like to you?


Action and Inspiration


We can think about Inspiration as a connection to our “emerging self” and our ability to create change in our circumstances; we experience insight into our future and how it could evolve.  Like all things we desire, we imagine a feeling we will experience because all action comes from the way we feel. For example, we aspire to be “confident” in the future.  When we think about our emerging self, we can create an insight into feeling self-confident.  Then we can imagine feeling powerful and accept the challenges and see the opportunities in what can be.


Inspiration reduces the weight of challenges and creates opportunities for future action.


Hope and Inspiration


Hope is passive, and Inspiration is active. When we are hopeful, we have expectations of circumstances (people, events, etc.. outside of our control); hence we wait in INACTION as hope does not generate action. So instead of hope, we could leverage Inspiration to see the power we have to manage our challenges and create opportunities and ACT.


Then we can ACT one step at a time to change our thoughts and feelings, rather than our circumstances, to move away from inaction and helplessness.  We can therefore reduce anxiety with ACTION.


Faith in yourself Everyday


We see this in our clients as they move away from anxiety and the habit of procrastination and see more choices and opportunity around them.   We can have faith in our ability to create the change they want.  If we have freedom of choice, to spend our time at any moment to RESET/DECIDE and ACT.


Despite our best efforts, the circumstances outside our control (people and events etc.) cannot be changed whenever we decide to change them. However, the thoughts and feelings we create for ourselves will increase our Faith in ourselves, Inspiration and likelihood of success.


Inspiration enables us to see more opportunities in the focus areas of the everyday:


  1. Connections (people and ourselves)
  2. Money (financial wellbeing)
  3. Role (profession, business, parent, focus etc.)
  4. Inspiration (spirituality etc.)
  5. Vitality (mental and physical wellbeing)


Our next blog is about the Impactful Five people in our lives and how they can support our Inspiration.


If you want to see the CHOICEs for you, then book a time with Sarah or Christine.  Nothing to lose, everything to gain.  We promise you will see Opportunities, Challenges and Inspiration from your thoughts.

We create a safe space to explore and DARE yourself Everyday.


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