Your loved ones, friends or colleagues aren’t sometimes the people for perspective on challenges or opportunities. Christine creates a safe environment to explore big and small choices to love WHO you are, what you DO and HOW you do it,  even in the worst and best times


Christine knows the challenges of everyday and “the extreme”. Within a 5-year window, she had heart surgery, a double mastectomy for cancer, a stroke and lost a partner to cancer.  She also worked in a C-suite role and started her own business to make a difference in the world.


An “extreme challenge” can lead to being a Vital Leader every day 


Explorers (clients) say, Christine:

  • Brings perspective to any challenge or opportunity
  • She grasps complexity and draws out simplicity.
  • Generates deep insight as she directs your experience
  • Is open, authentic, honest and curious
  • Cares deeply about your growth, well-being and how you be YOU

Christine has 30+ years of leadership and business experience. Qualifications in business leadership, health, yoga and a lifetime of coaching create a holistic experience. The focus is on working with you on a sustainable PACE of Vitality and purposeful direction.  This combination makes genuinely high performance and well-being.


You Only Live Once #YOLO, so use your Wisdom to be a Vital Leader NOW.  Connect as you are on the day, and that is where we start online.

Blending a trio of leadership – as an executive, an entrepreneur and a family – is an art.  

Bringing together the best of  20+ years leading corporate initiatives for International organisations with a passion for people, family, human potential, personal inspiration & happiness fuels my everyday. 

Being present and available whilst juggling a career, international travel with personal life –  a partner, a young family, whilst staying connected to and caring for ageing parents & being the loyal friend & sibling – takes skill, courage and commitment.

Business Leadership, Family units & dynamics have been part of my identity,  intrigue and fascination for a lifetime. 

  • I only ever meet you – exactly where you are & we go with what’s right there.
  • I create a safe environment for you to explore and develop your insights and actions.
  • Together we navigate the “messy middle” – the adventurous part that opens possibilities and opportunities.
  • I adore expanding creativity, love & resourcefulness so that inspiring humans like you can own your zone and do the same.

Thought work and mastering Habit Change has been integral to my transformation. 

I’m flawed & perfectly imperfect – just like you.
I’ve ridden some high seas through the experiences of being human – just like you.

If I haven’t faced the challenges that you have in front of you, it’s highly likely that I have been in conversation with someone who has.

Sarah has a lengthy list of accredited certifications in the art & science of Coaching for Health, Leadership, NLP, EFT & Mindfulness – 1500+ hours of practice as a Professional Coach with experience of surfing the waves and nuances of Business, Relationships, Finances, Health & Family.

 Life is short and you deserve to have the energy, time and everyday that you want.
I believe that every day is a gift – embrace it and make it count.